Love is the Key, by Helen Williams
Written in 2003 for the composer's husband's birthday, this is a setting of "A Song for the Least of All Saints" by Christina Rossetti. The saint mentioned in the second verse is Saint Peter. Before Jesus' death, Peter denied him three times in one night. After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to Peter and gave him the chance to tell him three times that he loved him. The piece was sung at the first communion service taken by Revd Paul Cody at St Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton. The first performances were by the choir of St Martin's church, Epsom and then by Epsom Chamber Choir.
Heron and Vine, by Helen Williams
For unaccompanied four-part choir with one solo bar for bass.
Communion motet, especially fitted for the third Sunday of Easter or St Peter's Day.
Suited also for: Ordination, Marriage, Confirmation, St Valentine's Day.
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