Saint or Commemoration Date Pieces
George Herbert 27th February The Windows
St David 1st March Calon Lan
St Mary 25th March Mary's Whys
St Mellitus 24th April Mellitus' Challenge
Christina Rossetti 27th April Love is the Key
Charles Wesley 24th May Jesu, Lover of My Soul
Bede 25th May Mellitus' Challenge
Visitation 31st May or 2nd July How Can It Be?
St John the Baptist 24th June (birth)
29th August
Hymn to John the Baptist
Shouting in the Wilderness
St Peter 29th June Love is the Key
John Henry Newman 11th August (Common Worship calendar) Lead, Kindly Light
John Bunyan 30th August Thus Far Did I Come
St Martin of Tours 4th July (Translation)
11th November
St Martin's Vision
St Jerome 30th September Vitis Vera
Shouting in the Wilderness
William Tyndale 6th October Light Shineth in Darkness
Martin Luther 31st October Ein Feste Burg
Edmund of Abingdon 16th November Safe and Sound
St John the Evangelist 27th December Light Shineth in Darkness