Epsom Evening Service, by Nigel Williams

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For four-part mixed choir and organ, with parts for male and female soli.
Canticles for the Evening Service in A Major. The gospel text of Nunc Dimittis is read at Candlemas.
Written in 1999 for Alyson Porter (now Alyson Aronson), Director of Music of St Martin's Church, Epsom, this setting makes use of several of the individual voices in the choir at the time. The tenor line in "Glory be to the Father" is the same in both canticles, and needs to be heard. Magnificat makes extensive use of pedal points and contrasts 4/4 and 7/8 time signatures. Nunc Dimittis has a duet for soprano and alto, mostly in thirds. Download the full score in a new window here or the two-part Nunc Dimittis here.
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